8 Best Wine Cellars to Inspire Your Inner Wine Enthusiast

8 Best Wine Cellars to Inspire Your Inner Wine Enthusiast

Are you a wine connoisseur who frequently purchases wine by the case and requires a place to store it? Or do you aspire to become an avid wine collector? Then you should contemplate installing a wine cellar. Not having a traditional cellar? Almost any chamber in your residence can be converted into a wine cellar.

Gothic Wine Palace

Who knew acrylic wine storage with blue LED lighting could be so cool? This blue gothic wine paradise designed by Jamie Beckwith of Beckwith Interiors for a pool house in Nashville, Tennessee, features transparent acrylic arches that serve as both wine storage and a spectacular lighting element.

The temperature-controlled, 2,000-bottle wine vault is located beneath the living area of the pool house. A glass floor allows the wine cellar to be viewed from above, and a retractable black shade covers the ceiling to block out unwanted light when the cellar is not illuminated.

California Chic

Simplicity and elegance meet in this charming and chic custom wine cellar by Nadia Elgrably of Nadia Designs for a Laguna Beach, Calif., home.

The climate-controlled wine cellar incorporates acacia and Maplewood wine cases, marble counters, a copper leaf lighting fixture, and a copper penny mosaic tile floor to create an inviting space for homeowners to display and enjoy their wine collection.

The antique glaze on the ceiling’s hand-applied copper leaf adds a touch of Old World charm, while the large floor vase containing the owners’ cork collection adds a whimsical touch.

Efficient By Design

Do you not believe you have enough capacity for a wine cellar? Consider again.

Left: Jake Austad of Vintage Cellars designed this exquisite wine cellar for a San Diego chef to hold a portion of his impressive wine collection, which consists of 1,500 select vintages. The wine cellar was designed as a converted bedroom for guests to observe and sample wine.

Right: This wine cellar in Briarcliff Manor, New York, utilizes untreated mahogany wine racks manufactured by WineRacks.com in Tillson, New York, to store a large quantity of wine in a relatively small area. The efficient design features custom track lighting and a refrigeration system to maintain the ideal temperature of the wine.

Contemporary Elegance

The RESERVE Wine Rack Systems from diamondLife enhance the contemporary and elegant wine room in this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residence.

The wine racks include a combination of bottle positions, including presentation view, label view, and standing view, to provide space for wine glasses, decanters, and other sampling accessories. The wine racks were designed to make the most efficient use of space for storing and displaying the owners’ collection. This consists of a special display of Moet & Chandon champagne.

Capturing Tradition

The constellations were precisely aligned in this exquisite wine cellar.

This wine cellar, designed by Mark J. Karpinski of WineRacks.com in collaboration with the homeowner and the homeowner’s wine broker, recalls a traditional wine cave via the use of stone and brickwork, as well as special touches such as a metal chandelier.

Classic mahogany wine racks and specialized wine case storage line the walls of the room, leading to the cellar’s focal point: a waterfall and marble tasting table with rounded display shelves.

Classic Showcases

Two California wine cellars, each with a distinct yet classic aesthetic.

Using diamondLife’s RESERVE Wine Rack Systems, the wine cellar in this Ventura, California, residence maximizes the limited space available. The wrought-iron grapevine motif on the wine cellar door lends a traditional touch to the polished chrome wine racks.

This two-story San Diego, California, wine storage, designed by Jake Austad of Vintage Cellars, holds 4,000 bottles and features custom wine racks made from all-heart redwood with a “dusty” finish.

Zen Showpiece

The elegant, glass-enclosed wine cellar by Wine Cellar Innovations in this Pennsylvania home emanates a Zen-like quality.

The simplicity of the wine racks and the central art niche discreetly entice guests to peruse the collection of over 2,000 bottles.

The racking system is comprised of unstained all-heart redwood from Wine Cellar Innovations’ Platinum Series and features wine case shelves, diamond bins, and, on the upper left, secured wine lockers for storing bottles of exceptional value.

Dine-In Cellar

In this Ohio home’s wine cellar by Wine Cellar Innovations, wine tastings are front and center.

A full dining table provides ample space for visitors to sample the nearly 2,500-bottle wine collection of the homeowner. A bar workstation with a sink and wine glass shelves offers space for food preparation and decanting.

The redwood wine racks with a dark walnut finish give the room an air of sophistication and authority.

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