Best Small Cities to Retire in New York

Best Small Cities to Retire in New York

New York is a fascinating state with something for everyone. If you’re looking for some of the most breathtaking scenery the East Coast has to offer, head to the hidden gems of Upstate New York or the famous boroughs of New York City to get the complete Big Apple experience. NewHomeSource has compiled a list of the 10 finest small retirement communities in New York. Find the ideal city for your retirement lifestyle and prepare to purchase or build your New York home for retirement.


This metropolis is located in a bustling section of New York’s Southern Tier, just north of the Pennsylvania state line. It is situated in the picturesque Allegheny River foothills approximately sixty miles south of Buffalo. The Allegany State Park, the largest state park in New York, is located in Salamanca! Throughout the year, residents can enjoy horseback riding, mountain bicycling, hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling in the park.


Hornell is approximately 55 miles south of Rochester in southern New York. This city values the strong sense of community that comes with being a small city and focuses on making connections with its residents, whether that means meeting friends at the Railroad Brewing Company, exploring the falls at Stony Brook State Park, or wearing green at the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade.


Wellsville, which is only 8 miles from the southern New York border, is a pleasant place to reside. It is the county’s largest metropolis, located in the heart of the southern region. Residents adore the proximity of their neighbors and the “know everybody” ambiance. Every year, residents of Wellsville gather for the Ridgeway & Run trail races. These competitions include 5K to 25K marathons and 2- to 14-mile walks. These races bring entertainment, cuisine, and friendly competition to this small town.

Albion Town

The town of Albion is situated in New York’s northwest region. The municipality and its adjacent village are located in the center of Orleans County. This close-knit neighborhood embraces small-town life with its locally-owned restaurants and stores. Albion is conveniently located alongside the Erie Canal and the Buffalo to Albany bike trail.

Albion Village

Albion Village, like the municipality, is situated in central Orleans County. It has a diverse population and a family-friendly environment. Residents of the Village appreciate their close relationships with one another. Annually, Albion Village honors the town and its inhabitants with the Strawberry Festival. They host a variety of cuisine and craft booths, a farmer’s market, and a citywide raffle.

Herkimer Village

Herkimer is located on the opposite side of the Mohawk River from Mohawk Village, on the north bank. Locally, this village and its neighbor are referred to as “The Herkimers,” and they are located midway between Syracuse and Albany. Access to the Erie Canal is an advantage of residing in the Herkimers. The Fort Herkimer Church, one of the earliest churches in New York, is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks that is passed by on a daily basis on canal cruises.

Herkimer Town

The Town of Herkimer encompasses the Village of Herkimer and is the county seat of Herkimer County in the center of the Mohawk Valley. The Herkimers are known for the abundant nature that surrounds the area, but especially for the concealed treasures that can be found in the county’s rocks. The Herkimer Diamond Mines maximize the formation of quartz crystals directly beneath your soles! Spend the day mining for crystals and then proceed to the artisan center to create custom jewelry from your finds.


Dickinson is a small New York hamlet in Broome County. The town is surrounded by Broome’s finest communities, including Binghamton, Kirkwood, and Union, with the Chenango River running through its center. Otsiningo Park is one of the county’s largest parks, and Dickinson is home to one of the largest and most diverse community gardens.


This uniquely named municipality in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains is an ideal place to retire. Gouverneur is within a day’s drive of some of your beloved New York towns, which gives it the safety and comfort of a small town while also being a short distance from the bustling cities. Living in Gouverneur offers the tranquility of undulating verdant fields and the meandering Oswegatchie River. Additionally, it is only an hour and a half south of Ottawa!


Malone is surrounded by various landscapes, including farmlands, mountains, forests, and lakes. It has a variegated central business district and an exciting entertainment district. The Malone Golf Course is a popular amenity for residents. This club’s 36 holes, spread across two courses, are regarded as some of the finest in New York! The Malone Golf Course also features a full-service bar, restaurant, and venue for municipal events.

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