Top 10 Places to Retire in Arizona

Top 10 Places to Retire in Arizona

Arizona continues to be a premier retirement destination. In addition to providing allergy-free living conditions, the Grand Canyon State features more than 300 sunny days per year. Retirees can fish in the Colorado River or play golf on one of Arizona’s 421 courses, each with a breathtaking backdrop. If you’re considering Arizona as a place to retire, take a look at our list of the state’s 10 best cities for savoring retirement. And if you’re looking for more ways to spend your golden years, check out our list of Arizona’s best state parks and Arizona’s healthiest cities.

1. Tuba City

Tuba City is the most desirable location for retirees on our list. It is located 50 miles east of the Grand Canyon in the stunning badlands of the Painted Desert and is part of the Navajo Nation. Before the Navajo settled in this region, Jurassic-era dinosaurs roamed the territory for millions of years. These prehistoric footprints can be viewed by traveling five short miles west of Tuba City. Visit the Explore Navajo Interactive Museum in downtown Tuba City to learn about how Navajo culture and tradition have enriched the nation.

2. Kayenta

Kayenta is located in the center of the Navajo Nation, in the northeastern part of Arizona, and just south of the Utah state line. The horizon’s immense expanses of endless blue skies are nothing short of spectacular. This hospitable community extends an open invitation to celebrate its rich heritage and culture to all. You can stroll through a museum, embark on an off-road excursion in a jeep, or visit a trading post for traditional and contemporary Navajo art and jewelry.

3. Drexel Heights

Drexel Heights is a southwest Tucson suburb that is only fifteen minutes from the Tucson International Airport. Retirees adore the small-town atmosphere of Drexel Heights, but they also have easy access to the city when the inclination strikes. Shop on a palm-lined street, dine on regional cuisine or drive approximately 12 miles north to Tucson Mountain Park. You may walk with your four-legged companion, but you must bring a leash. In Drexel Heights, adventures are as infinite as the blue sky.

4. Flowing Wells

Located approximately seven miles north of Tucson, Flowing Wells offers retirees an abundance of sunny activities in the adjacent state and national parks. Approximately 15 miles west of town, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum resembles a menagerie more than a museum. It has a botanical garden, an aquarium, and an art gallery, so make plans with your friends to investigate the exotic flora and fauna. Since it spans 98 acres, you won’t be able to see it all in one day. There are senior discounts available, but don’t neglect your sunscreen!

5. Golden Valley

You will have significantly more leisure to appreciate the natural beauty and expansiveness of Golden Valley in western Arizona after you retire. Don your hiking boots and make your way to Cave Spring Trail. This 1.3-mile trail has an elevation gain of only 400 feet, making it a simple hike. Golden Valley flaunts its breathtaking views of the adjacent Black Mountain range. Consider driving one hour south to Lake Havasu State Park for a distinct flavor of outdoor activities.

6. Avra Valley

Avra Valley, located 30 miles north-northwest of Tucson, is a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered. Here, retirees are unimpressed by the towering skyscrapers that illuminate the night sky. After spending the day appreciating nature’s majesty from every angle, they anticipate the sun’s spectacular finale. In the evenings, the sun gracefully bids farewell with a dazzling display of fiery scarlet hues. This outdoor sanctuary will astonish you.

7. Douglas

Residents of Douglas relish regaling tales of the city’s enchanting past; they pepper their tales with snippets of its copper mining past, which was a defining aspect of its culture. Douglas, which borders Mexico, has a multitude of family-owned establishments serving delectable homemade salsa. If you have a craving for a Southwestern breakfast, there are restaurants in Douglas that offer authentic cuisine throughout the day.

8. Picture Rocks

It is only appropriate that a community named Picture Rocks is an idyllic location, as confirmed by the retirees who have made it their home. Long before the invention of photography, the inhabitants of the Tucson Mountains carved their stories into the magnificent rocks.

Throughout the centuries, numerous artists have been inspired to depict the grandeur of the landscape on paper. If you are so inclined, you might want to give it a shot. Or, you can take photographs while taking in the sites. In addition to its mesmerizing natural beauty, Picture Rocks offers residents a generous portion of hospitality.

9. Coolidge

As cotton crops flourish in hot climates, the cotton industry dominated the region around Coolidge, about an hour southeast of Phoenix, for centuries. Thus, cotton and its derivatives created a revenue cow for the earliest settlers. They have not forgotten their roots; each autumn, the Chamber of Commerce organizes Coolidge Days. It includes a parade, entertainment, carnival attractions, and artisans selling their wares. In addition, you will be treated to a Christmas Light Parade in December.

10. Fortuna Foothills

Fortuna Foothills, a designated bedroom community of Yuma in western Arizona, is the place to visit if you are in search of a perfect combination of brilliant blue skies and rugged mountain formations. Even though it is a small town, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do there. On the lakes north of Yuma, boaters and anglers seek relief from the sun. Alternatively, you could play golf at one of the three local courses. In Fortuna Foothills, no two days need to be alike.

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